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Clothing Alterations in Adelaide

Alterations at NATASASTUDIO

There are many great options for professional clothing alterations in Adelaide SA! Nothing is worse than having a full closet bursting with clothes that do not fit you in the flattering way you deserve. Whether you have lost a few kilos or bought a few odd-fitting shirts that were such a good deal that you couldn’t resist - finding a top star clothing alterations store is the way to go!

A trusty tailor will help you transform your odd-fitting clothes into a whole new outfit, no matter what you’re looking to fix. Loose-fitting jeans could be taken in to better fit your figure, jackets and jumpers can be slimmed down and even those ripped jeans can be turned into a new pair of shorts. As expected though, this can cost quite a bit and is usually more expensive than buying new clothes. However, it is well worth the extra cost if you’re looking to fix a clothing item that you love - or that holds sentimental value to you!

So why should you choose us for your Adelaide clothing alteration needs? Getting a good tailor who offers a satisfaction guaranteed policy is crucial. Finding a good tailor isn’t always as easy as finding a great clothes store or restaurant. But not to worry: Natasa Studio is an excellent tailor/clothing store located in Adelaide. Feel free to give us a call to inquiring about your alteration or to show up at the store to see how we can help. After you tell us what you want to do with your clothes, we’ll let you know whether we can help or not.

What you can expect to pay for wedding dress alterations, and other clothing alterations in Adelaide SA

How much clothes alterations will cost heavily varies and depends on the clothing alteration you need. The type of job you need also is a factor that contributes to the overall cost since some jobs require very complex sewing skills and a lot of time. However, if you’re looking to hem a dress, pants or skirts, you should expect to pay around $25, keeping in mind that unlined skirts cost less than skirts with lining. To shorten sleeves or to take in a dress shirt, you should be looking to pay somewhere between $30 and $40. In this case, most shirt sleeves should cost less than jackets with buttons or linings. Taking in a jacket, vest, or sheath dress can cost anywhere between $40 and $50; sometimes a bit more or less depending on your specific clothing item.

Bridal Ware Alterations

If you’re looking to get some bridal alterations done for your bridal gown, you will need to make an appointment with a fitter or seamstress to have the dress fitted to your figure. Expect to have about three fittings before the dress is all done and ready to be properly worn. The price of your gown alterations will heavily depend on how much you’re looking to get done. Alterations that are simple and easy, like adjusting the size of the dress or getting the length hemmed, should cost around $200 - $250. Adding more details, which include customisations such as adding sleeves, shoulder less straps, beading and so on, will cost a bit more. Make sure to consider these costs before buying your initial dress if possible.

School Uniform Alterations

There are also many options for altering school uniforms if you want to get the perfect fit for your shape and size. If your child is still growing and in their younger school years, it is highly recommended to buy uniforms that are loose-fitting so that they can still be worn once your child has finished growing. In the meantime, you can get the skirts or pants altered or hemmed so they temporarily fit better. The waistband can also be loosened if it fits oddly at the moment. In addition, the sleeve length can be altered, shirts and dresses can be tailored to fit the figure better, and sports uniforms can be made to fit more snuggly. The price of these alterations will depend on the material of the school uniform and what you’re looking to get done, but this usually costs anywhere between $15 and $50.

Formal Alterations

You may also be looking to get your formal dress altered or some suit alterations and repairs done for an important upcoming event. If you already own the dress that’s perfect for you, then there’s no point in continuing the search. However, during the days leading up to your event, you may start to notice that the dress just doesn’t fit as well as it used to. Maybe it’s too loose, too tight, or some of the material needs replacing. Not to worry! Simply get your dress altered. How much this will cost depends on the type of work you require, how many changes you need, type of fabric, dress type, the intensity of labor, and the condition of the dress. Make sure you discuss prices with your tailor before agreeing to get it tailored to avoid any confusion.

There are many different types of clothing alterations and repairs that you can get. The possibilities are endless and we at Natasa Studio specialise in them all. 

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